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Main advantages of gas drainage hoses


Main advantages of gas drainage hoses:

1. Flexibility: This tube is easy to bend around obstacles to facilitate downhole, reduce the amount of pipe fittings, and reduce labor intensity.

2. High corrosion resistance: The production environment of the coal mine is poor, and the liquid is corrosive. The pipe can resist corrosion by various chemical media.

3, flexibility and impact resistance: good toughness, high impact strength, heavy weight directly over the pipeline, the pressure capacity is better, will not lead to pipeline rupture.

4. Better deformation resistance: under the same conditions, the tensile strength and elongation are higher than the performance of the steel tube. The local base can withstand deformation to maintain a certain degree of deformation without fracture, but the steel tube is prone to fracture and collision. Sparks create hidden dangers.

5, flame retardant, anti-static properties of stability: with a special coupling agent against the electrostatic charge flame retardant additives surface activation, so that with the resin matrix to form a "molecular bridge", integration into one, has been a small amount of added, to achieve Very good resistance to change.

6, the circulation resistance is small: the pipe wall finish is high, the friction coefficient is small, under the same flow, the pipe circulation is stronger than the steel pipe

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